Who We Are

Veertek Intelligent Instrument Company was established in 2017, the company mainly focuses on the innovation and progress in the field of core technology of security detection. It aims to provide the most professional solutions of security detection for application of lithium battery and power battery as well as environmental monitoring and surveillance solutions for global clients.

VEERTEKs major products are various testing instruments such as insulation pulse detector, electrolyte leakage detection sensor, etc,. Meanwhile, it is the sole agent for Mpower Electronics Co. Ltd in South China, and we are authorized to distribute Mpower’s gas detectors and alarms products.

VEERTEK is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The company has sales branches in Shanghai, Hongkong, Beijing, Tianjin, Xi’an, Qingdao cities. Since its foundation, the company has been dedicated to the research & production as well as proffering comprehensive solutions aiming the security detection on lithium battery and power battery application. Furthermore, the company also tackles the key technology concerning the intelligent manufacture and high precision machining in order to provide the first-class products and services through constantly strengthening technological innovation and upgrading services. 

With high quality products and complete after-sale services, VEERTEK has solid business relationship with a number of high-quality customers including BYD, HUAWEI, CATL, ATL, EVE, CALB, Ganfeng Lithium, COSMX, XIAOMI, DESAY, SUNWODA, NVT, VEKEN,  LISHEN, etc,. 

VEERTEK is committed to become the most influential global enterprise in the field of the security detection of new energy application. Guided by the core value of Leading Technology, Keeping Innovation, Customer First and Honesty Based, the company endeavors to provide the most valuable products, solutions and professional services for global customers with expertise and rich industry experiences.